Coaching That
Brings Clarity.

One-on-one coaching for Midwest
business owners that value efficiency
and intentionality.


As the leader of your business, you work hard to be efficient and intentional with your time and money. You serve your clients and team well, but as your business grows, there are times you find yourself stuck.

Hi, I’m Amanda, and owners like you reach out to me when they need a fresh perspective.

I offer confidential coaching, bringing the experience of having worked with over 200 small businesses. I can help you make business decisions with confidence. 

Hi, I'm Amanda!

How I Can Help

No fuss or fancy 6-month programs here - you know what you need and when you need it. When you work with me, a little well-timed support can go a long way.

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About Me

If we met in passing you’d learn that I’m a wife, mom of three, neurospicy solopreneur of 7+ years living in Brookings, SD. When I’m not working you might find me with a book - or more accurately, talking about books with a friend over coffee.

If you dug a little deeper you'd learn:

  • I am a licensed (but nonpracticing) CPA and consider myself an ‘ex-accountant’
  • I have over 10+ years of experience working with over 200 small businesses
  • I have helped deliver programs like Co.Starters, Leadership Brookings and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

But more than anything, you’d learn it is my goal to help you make decisions that are best for you, your team and your bottom line.


Reasons owners have reached out

‘Susan’ reached out when she was ready to add her 5th team member and wanted assurance that it made sense. That she walked away with confidence in her decision to hire and clarity around the potential impacts of the decisions.

‘Jenny’ reached out when she was facing a potential dissolution of a major strategic partnership. Before making decisions and taking action, she wanted to talk things through with a trusted/confidential person as she worried she was too close to the situation. While not a ‘fun’ part of being an owner, she was glad to know she had both followed her intuition and taken steps to slow down and think things through.

‘Alicia’ reached out when she was wavering on a decision to make a specific investment in her business… she felt 90% but for whatever reason couldn’t cross the threshold. I asked a series of probing questions, assisted with some ‘back of the napkin’ math to test her assumptions and she left my office decided and encouraged.

"Amanda is a joy to work with, just the right mix of personable and professional.”
-Happy Client

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